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Still not convinced? You may think your repair, rework or engineering need is beyond help. Before discarding or replacing, turn to Pumping Solutions. In over a quarter of a century of helping customers like you with even the most demanding pump-related repairs, we have just about seen it all and done it all. Take a look at some of the success examples below to get a better idea of what we are capable of.


Click the descriptions to view images of the following:

  1. Balancing of a 5,000 pound rotating assembly
  2. Split-case pump weld repaired, milled and line bored
  3. Casing weld repair machined to restore fits
  4. An 11 Stage Barrel boiler-feed pump – A large, Midwest coal-fired  power plant – unsuccessful in attempts to   install without leaks and rubs –   Pumping Solutions repaired damage from previous improper installations and installed properly
  5. Heater Drain Pump (Before) (After)- Repaired, coated, and double Smart 388 cartridge seals installed
  6. Foster Wheeler condensate pumps –  Excessive vibration levels led to short repair cycles – Repaired two units and added several vibration-dampening upgrades – Installed tandem seals
  7. Allis Chalmers  90” x 54” Cooling Water  Circulating Pump –   Repaired cavitation damage on impeller – Identified and corrected significant alignment problems – Identified and repaired multiple section fits/connections with excessive clearances

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